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Second Hand Smoke

Second hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes has been proven to cause a long list of problems including lung issues. Some might think that e-cigarettes, being…

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Vaping Makes Learning More Difficult!

The constant need to vape nicotine doesn’t lend itself to the process of learning. Anxiety over when a teen can get the next hit controls…

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Vaping Mood Swings

It is difficult to know when mood swings are part of being a normal teenager and when they are a side effect of vaping. Talk…

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Irritability in Teens

Teens experience irritability with hormone changes on a daily basis but adding vaping and the nicotine withdrawl that follows is a formula for disaster!

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Synthetic Cannabinoids

Sometimes synthetic cannabinoids are advertised as a “safe” version of marijuana. The truth is, synthetic cannabinoids are not safe and can lead to overdose.

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Tobacco Free California

3.6 million high schoolers used e-cigarettes in 2018—a staggering 78 percent increase from 2017. Juul, Suorin, Phix, Bo, and other flavored vapes hook kids with…

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Walgreens Is Latest to Raise Vaping (and Smoking) Age to 21

The drugstore chain Walgreens will stop selling tobacco products to customers under 21, the company announced on Tuesday. The decision came weeks after the Food…

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Know! The Facts on Youth Suicide

Keeping our kids safe requires us to know all the facts and the influencers! Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among youth…

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St. Xavier High School Drug Tests ​.

Covington Catholic, St. Henry’s and Milford have done this among other high schools. Now it looks like St. Xavier will be joining this group. No…

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